What is Aluminium?

Aluminium (Al) is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Primarily found as aluminium oxide or aluminium silicate in bauxite ore, its pure metallic state we all recognise is produced through two main steps. Refining bauxite to obtain alumina (aluminium oxide) and then reducing the alumina to produce aluminium metal through the Hall-Héroult Process.

Aluminium is an incredibly strong yet light metal which forms an oxide layer when in contact with air, making it highly corrosion resistant. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and is highly eco-friendly as it can be recycled.

Different types of Aluminium Finishing

Various Uses of Aluminium in Fit-Outs

Aluminium is often seen as the go-to material for fit-outs as it is easily cut, shaped and finished, allowing more freedom in designs whilst still offering the necessary functionality.

It can be used in offices to create stylish partitions, separate work zones or reduce and contain noise. It is often used in retail to make eye-catching displays and shelving systems and in hospitals to add blinds, screens or cladding and walls. In construction, using aluminium z sections for windows, aluminium channels for doors and aluminium tee sections for false ceilings will offer a simpler installation.

Another place you find aluminium being used more commonly is in the bodies of trucks and van fit-outs. The strength of the material and ease of cleaning makes it a popular choice in pickup trucks and its ease of fabrication is ideal for fitting out vans, particularly food vans and temperature-managed storage.

If you are unsure of the aluminium product most suitable for your purpose, get in touch with our friendly team and they will be happy to advise you.

Usage Area Common Profiles
Van Fit OutSquare Hollow, Rectangle Hollow, Angles & Bespoke Profiles
Safety BarriersRound Hollow, Square Hollow & Rectangle Hollow. All in anodised & powder coated finishes
Office Fit OutsAngles, Square Hollows, Rectangle Hollows, T- Sections
Hospital Fit OutsAngles, Square Hollows, Rectangle Hollows, Angles, T- Sections
Curtain WallsAngles, Flat Bars, T-Sections, Z Sections & Sheet
SignsSquare Hollow, Rectangle Hollow, Angles & Bespoke Profiles
Shop FittersAngles, Flat Bars, T-Sections, Square Hollows, Rectangle Hollows, Mouldings, Solid Square Bars
Wall BoardsEdge Trim, Internal Corner Profile, External Corner Profile & Continual Run Profiles
MarqueesSquare Hollow, Rectangle Hollow, Angles & Bespoke Profiles
Commercial RampsSquare Hollow, Rectangle Hollow, Angles & T-Sections

Why Choose LA Metals for Your Fit-Out Project?

LA Metals is the UK’s leading supplier of aluminium extrusions, with a wide range including angles, channels, tee sections, flat bars, round tubes and many more, we are confident we can supply whatever you need. Handily based in Birmingham, the heart of the country, we offer a fantastic next-day delivery to ensure your project runs smoothly. 

We specialise in producing 6063 and 6082 extrusions of the highest quality all in standard sizes, but should you require something more unique, we have been creating bespoke aluminium profiles for over 30 years. We also offer a range of superb finishes including anodising, polishing, powder coating and fabricating.

  • In-house fabrication
  • Range of finishes
  • Next-day delivery
  • Bespoke sizes
  • 30+ years of experience

Have More Questions about Common Aluminium Uses?

Many installers opt for aluminium Z sections for windows as the shape of the extrusion makes for a simpler installation process. Combining it with an aluminium channel for the glass will make the window sit correctly.

Use an aluminium channel for sliding doors as it is the most suitable extrusion for an installation. You need a fitting at the base and top of a sliding door which allows the door to move side-to-side with ease whilst being firmly prevented from moving forwards and backwards and a channel is ideal.

All vans come in different sizes and the complexity of the fit-out will vary depending on the owner’s needs. Get in touch with one of our helpful experts to discuss your project and they can advise on more accurate costs.

Aluminium can be found in many hospitals thanks to its durability, light weight and ease of cleaning and disinfecting. It’s used in the construction of wheelchairs, stretchers and trolleys, cabinets and tables, trays and containers and more. You will even find aluminium T sections used for false ceilings.

Due to the ever-fluctuating rate of aluminium, we cannot display up-to-date prices on our website, so please contact us for an individual quote based on the current best prices.