Where is Polished Aluminium Used?

Polished aluminium is used for a variety of applications – generally where metal parts are exposed, as the finished look is desired for its attractive qualities. Popular uses for polished aluminium parts are where a high-quality, reflective surface is preferred such as retail and restaurant fittings, interior design, hospitals, car parks and for creative art installations. In addition to being visually appealing, the shiny surfaces of polished aluminium boast other beneficial properties, such as hygiene, making them ideal for use in hospitals and other medical settings. 

As a metal that can be extruded to a myriad of shapes and thicknesses, aluminium adds a beautiful finish to doors, window fittings and service areas such as in a retail or restaurant unit, for a sleek, modern look.  

Aluminium is an appealing metal, as it doesn’t rust and, with appropriate cleaning and care, will continue to keep its brilliant finish for indefinite periods of time. Aluminium can be used externally in building works, to create decorative posts and practical fences, amongst other applications. Although it doesn’t rust, it can corrode, so correct care needs to be taken of it to ensure the longevity of your polished aluminium surfaces. 

Polished Aluminium Finishes 

Polished aluminium has been buffed to create the chosen finish for an aesthetically pleasing look. Some finishes are primarily decorative and are therefore best suited to low- traffic areas where they can maintain their smart look. There are various dull and reflective finishes that can be given to polished aluminium. For instance, aluminium can be polished to a bright, high-quality mirror-finish, or a less shiny satin look, and here at LA Metals, we also have a specialised one that we call the ‘London’ finish – which we designed especially for high-end design applications. 


How to care for your polished aluminium 

Even a highly polished aluminium finish can become dull, as an oxide layer can build up on the surface. Whist this provides an extra layer of protection for your external aluminium, you might want to keep the shiny, pristine, polished look of the original surface on your interior aluminium fixtures. Here are some tips for keeping your polished aluminium looking good. 

You should never clean your polished aluminium with a carbon-based abrasive, as this can cause a pre-rust effect, which isn’t good for the metal – nor is it nice to look at.  

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to clean your aluminium with a cleaning solution such as washing up liquid or a water and vinegar mixture, using a soft sponge or rag. If a layer of oil or grease has built up on the surface, then you may need to use a stronger degreaser or even paint thinners. When this is thoroughly clean, rinse and dry completely using a soft microfibre cloth. 
  1. If your surface has gained scratches and blemishes, you may wish to sand these out for a mirror-perfect finish. Begin by using rough-grade sandpaper and work up to using fine-grade for a smooth finish, just as you would with a wooden surface. Repeat step one to ensure no debris remains on the surface. 
  1. Finally, polish by applying an appropriate sealant or wax finish that can be buffed to a mirror-like shine. If you’re cleaning cookware, then polish sealants or wax are not a good idea, as they may contain hazardous chemicals that are damaging to human health. Instead, use a paste made of water and cream of tartare. A sealant or wax layer will provide a protective layer against dust and dirt for a few months, after which time you will need to repeat the cleaning process to keep your polished aluminium looking like new for years to come. 

At LA Metals, we supply a wide range of aluminium products, including angles, sections, mouldings and more. We specialise in fabrication, cutting and finishing, in addition to bespoke customisation. We love nothing more than to deliver high quality to our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Based in Birmingham in the heart of the country, we aim to deliver either the same or next day. Polished aluminium is one of our specialities and we would love to chat about how we can help you find your ideal polished aluminium product today.