Everything You Need to Know About Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium profiles are widely used within manufacturing and construction, due to aluminium’s corrosion resistance and lightweight properties, making it a versatile material to use in these industries. The durability and versatility of aluminium make it a preferred choice for many, however, there are many different profiles available. It can make it difficult to know which is the right one for your project. In this blog we will look at the different types of aluminium profiles, what they are used for, their advantages and more, so you will have everything you need to know about custom aluminium profiles.

Understanding Aluminium Profiles

You may be wondering “How do I choose aluminium profiles?”. To select the correct aluminium profile for your project, you will need to understand all the different alloy types available. Aluminium alloys are typically classed into two main categories, cast and wrought alloys, both with different chemical compositions and unique characteristics. The most common aluminium alloy profiles are 6061 and 6063 due to their strength and capabilities, making them a great option to work with.

When you know and understand the different types of custom aluminium extrusions you can begin to consider the right profile for your project. Depending on the application, the type of profile can vary. If your project requires a profile that is tough and has high strength, then an alloy from the 7000 series is recommended. However, if you need something that is corrosion-resistant and incredibly lightweight, alloys from the 5000 series will be better suited for your project.

Aluminium alloys can vary and that is why it is used across a range of industries and applications. The industries consist of transportation, architecture, food preparation and packaging, energy generation, electrical transmission and many more. There are also a variety of applications from foils to use in marine products such as vessels. Aluminium is a versatile material.

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Types of Custom Aluminium Profiles

Here at LA Metals, we have a fantastic selection of custom aluminium extrusions perfect for your project, whatever type of aluminium profile you need. We take great pride in offering our extensive clientele custom aluminium profiles made to their exact specifications. All our custom aluminium extrusions will be cut, hardened and finished by our specialists so you can be assured your product will be of the highest quality.

Our bespoke aluminium extrusions at LA Metals consist of:

Customisation Options for Aluminium Profiles

As we are one of the largest independent aluminium stockholders in the UK, we can offer a range of customisation options for aluminium profiles, giving your custom aluminium extrusion the perfect finishing treatment. Customisation options are:

Anodising – This process produces an oxide layer on the surface of the material which creates a durable yet pleasant finish. Often chosen for aesthetic purposes, most of our customers here at LA Metals opt for a satin/silver finish, however, other colours are available.

Polishing – The process of producing polished aluminium involves physically polishing the metal to a range of finishes from brilliant, mirror, brushed, or even chemically brightened. By polishing aluminium, it can have a more aesthetically pleasing look, and, in some instances, its material durability is increased.

Powder Coating – Another way of producing a high-quality and durable finish is through powder coating. A finish that is available in a variety of colours, this protective and decorative finish has been formed from technological advancements which have resulted in fantastic performance properties.

Fabrication – Here at LA Metals we have the very latest precision equipment that allows us to work to incredibly tight tolerances. Our expertise in delivering high-quality aluminium products extends to cutting even the most intricate fabrications or simple profiles to the desired lengths.

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Applications in Different Industries

When it comes to everything you need to know about custom aluminium profile application, there are a variety of industries in which aluminium is continually used. As mentioned above, these industries can vary from transportation, architecture, food preparation and packaging to energy generation, electrical transmission and many more.

Aluminium profiles are used widely within the automotive industries due to their fantastic durability, corrosion resistance and strength. The sustainable properties of aluminium, such as its resistance to corrosion and capacity to be recycled, have contributed to the recent rise in demand for aluminium car parts. Because of the similar characteristics of aluminium, different alloys are currently utilized in commercial and military vehicles, passenger and freight train cars, buses, coaches, bicycles, ships and boats.

Aluminium profiles are used also frequently within the building and architecture industries. There are several uses for aluminium in construction and architecture. Applications include architectural hardware, gutters, doors, windows, cladding, roofing, shopfronts and balustrading. Industrial flooring and treadplates are two other frequent uses for aluminium. There are of course other industries where custom aluminium extrusions are used, with automotive and construction being some of the larger industries.

Benefits of Custom Aluminium Profiles

When custom aluminium extrusion is used instead of stock extrusions, there are several benefits. In any event, extrusion is a very exact and consistent process, and you can take advantage of these benefits, including when adding unique features to produce your custom profiles or even when cleaning aluminium. As handmade aluminium profiles guarantee accurate measurements every time, they are perfect for high-tolerance applications.

Cost savings are another advantage of custom aluminium extrusion that can be rather significant. Utilising custom profiles enables you the ability to pay for precisely the quantity of material you require, saving you time and effort when compared to changing pre-existing extrusions to suit your demands.

Final Advice for Choosing Custom Aluminium Profiles

When it comes to the question of “How do I choose aluminium profiles?” there are many different factors that need to be taken into consideration before deciding on the right one for your project. From the exact type of alloy, their individual benefits and optional finishes to the specific industries each alloy is used in. Here at LA Metals, we can provide you with everything you need to know about custom aluminium profiles. With over 30 years of experience and complete in-house fabrication, we can guarantee the highest quality aluminium for your project. If you need more information, we’re here to help. You can contact us by phone at 01215536846 or by email at sales@lametals.co.uk