What is Aluminium Powder Coating?

As the name suggests, powder coated aluminium is produced by applying a coloured thermost powder to the surface of the metal, to then be melted and hardened to create a durable, decorative finish. It’s one of the most commonly used finishes for aluminium thanks to its refined appearance and ability to protect the metal from wear and tear.

Process of Aluminium Powder Coating

The process of powder coating aluminium involves a few steps – first, the material must be cleaned using a pre-treatment bath to remove any contaminants. The aluminium is then coated with the thermoset powder in a spray booth, before being cured in an oven to melt and reset the powder into a hard finish as it cools. The coated aluminium will then be quality-checked and prepared for shipping.

Why Choose LA Metals for Aluminium Powder Coating?


At LA Metals, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading providers of powder coated aluminium profiles, and a large portion of our aluminium stock is of ‘decorative’ grade, meaning it’s perfect for finishes such as powder coating.


  • More than 30 years of experience
  • 1-week turnaround for powder coating
  • Vast colour selection
  • High-quality aluminium profiles

The benefits of powder coated aluminium include:

Large range of colours

Available in a huge range of RAL colours


Can be supplied quickly and cost effectively in even the smallest of batches


Powder coating can cover a multitude of blemishes and abrasions on the material surface.

Aluminium Channel

Creates a hugely versatile finish that can be used for multiple applications


Provides a consistent finish.

Advice and recommendations

Small holes or "jig" marks may sometimes be found at the ends of sections, these may need to be cut away if you prefer a cleaner look. When inspected very closely, an ‘orange peel’ appearance is sometimes visible. This tinge is a completely normal characteristic of powder coating services and is virtually unnoticeable in ordinary situations.

Need More Information About Powder Coated Aluminium? 

Yes. Aluminium is a perfect material for powder coating finishes, and powder coated aluminium has a huge range of uses.   

Aluminium powder coating can last up to 20 years. Environmental factors may cause it to deteriorate faster, but it is on the whole an extremely durable finish.

Yes, very. Aluminium on its own already offers one of the best metallic strength-to-weight ratios, and powder coated aluminium improves on this yet further.

The powder coating process requires electricity to be passed through the metal, so any metal that cannot conduct electricity can’t be powder coated.  

Eventually yes, but aluminium powder coating gives a very long-lived finish that, with proper care, will stand up to the elements very well, lasting up to two decades in many cases.  

LA Metals is one of the leading suppliers of aluminium powder coating in the West Midlands and is proudly based in Birmingham.

Almost all aluminium products can be powder coated, meaning we can supply a range of products including powder coated aluminium profiles and powder coated aluminium channels. Contact us today to discuss your powder coating needs.