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Almost all of our extensive stock range is suitable for polishing to one kind of finish or another and the process can transform a section. Admittedly, you need to start with a good product (just as well that’s all we keep) but using a variety of practices, polishing mops, linishing machines, and belt polishers, alongside good old hard work, we can produce a range of finishes.

From a deep brush finish, a magpie-inducing bright finish or our own, spectacularly shiny, “London mirror” standard, which was developed for a high-end mirror supplier making bespoke mirrors for the good folk of Knightsbridge.

With such a wide range of finishes available, it is advisable to speak to one of our experienced team. They can help you to achieve just the right finish, all designed to bring your project to life. As with most polished finishes, ours are primarily decorative and are best suited to interiors with minimal traffic for maximum longevity and performance of the product.

Our Polished Aluminium Finishes, the Details:

Brush polish

A really nice finish, this one covers a multitude of sins. Sometimes described as a satin finish, the type of brush and length of polish specified will determine the depth of the grain achieved. You can also achieve a smoother satin style finish with anodising (please see our anodising page)

Bright polish

Nice and shiny but not reflective. Buffed with compounds, leaving the desired level of brightness, the final product can still have some minor blemishes visible as it is not normally linished. Fine if being viewed from a distance but if you want a highly reflective finish, you need a mirror polish.

Mirror polish

Similar to bright, but the material is linished beforehand to remove surface blemishes. Giving a smoother finish to start with, we then use a combination of compounds and buffing to build up the finish to the required reflective level. There may be some small imperfections visible with close inspection.

London Mirror polish

This is a highly reflective finish and is achieved by an aggressive initial linish, running the material through the linisher several times, removing as many imperfections as possible. Then mirror polished until we achieve a finish you can see your face in! Labour intensive but what a finish!

Chemically brightened and mirror polished.

This entails mirror polishing first, followed by brightening in a chemical solution and then a short anodise to seal. Available in a maximum 4mtr length, this is a lovely, more durable finish and is a cost-effective way to produce large batches with a high quality finish.

What can polished aluminium be used for?

Polished Aluminium is an attractive finish and is used in a variety of spaces, but almost always where a certain aesthetic is desired. Learn more about where polished aluminium is used here.

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