Aluminium fabrication services

We don’t just deal in aluminium fabrication but also source unique extrusions to fit our customers' exact sizes, to ensure a professional finish. On top of that, we also offer our superb aluminium finishing service, which gives you the option of having your fabricated aluminium polished to a shine, painted in a huge range of colours or coated with anodising.

Trusted aluminium fabricators in the UK

At LA Metals, we pride ourselves on offering fabricated aluminium to fit your unique requirements precisely. We have been doing this since 1987, and this experience, combined with our high customer satisfaction, has made us one of the leading suppliers of custom aluminium fabrication in the UK.

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What our customers say...


Pat C.

From every angle I look at it, everything has been just perfect: huge selection of items, fast reply, decent price, shipping on the next day, goods well-packed, … THANK YOU Dave.


Katherine H.

We have been using LA metals for a couple of years and have always received great customer service, good quality products and quick delivery.


Neil E.

Been using la metals for 35yrs & the service is 2nd to none, I order & collect the same day most times cut to size very obliging office staff


Martin N.

Excellent service, very helpful


Cheryl E.

Fabulous service

Aluminium fabrication techniques we offer


Depending on the shape or form of your aluminium, using our in-house CNC or automatic saws we can cut or mitre a single piece to large multiples of almost any extrusion to match even the tightest of tolerances - packed and shipped to meet your requirement.

Drilling and slotting

We can accommodate a wide range of size and shape requirements with our in-house aluminium drilling and CNC equipment. We’re able to produce quality aluminium pieces to meet your specifications. With well-developed expertise and skill in precise, high-speed machining, you can count on us for a quality final product.

Countersinking and tapping

In addition to our drilling and slotting services and using the very latest in CNC technology, we can offer countersinking and tapping services to provide holes to meet the frequency and accuracy that suit the most exacting screw size requirement.


If the section you require cannot be extruded successfully or economically, we have years of experience in folding and forming our own sheet stock to create that unusual size or shape. This is a really cost-effective way of achieving a bespoke solution.

What is aluminium fabrication?

Aluminium fabrication requires expertise and precise engineering skills to achieve the tight tolerances required. These are the vital ingredients needed if you wish to be left with a successful end product. Aluminium can be manufactured using the same fabrication methods as other metal fabrication.

Common methods of Aluminium fabrication include:

Aluminium Fabrication


Cutting Icon


Aluminium Round Bars

Drilling & Countersinking

Aluminium Rectangular Box Sections




L.A. Metals’ aluminium fabrication process begins with an idea, design or drawing being supplied to our sales team - this will allow us to have a technical review and ensure we use the most efficient practices and equipment to carry out the necessary work.

From here it will be passed to our fabrication team who will manufacture the products with low tolerances, creating the perfect bespoke aluminium fabrication.

The benefits of aluminium fabrication services

There are many industries that use fabricated aluminium, these include construction, aerospace, hospitality, and electronics, through to shop and van fit outs. Aluminium fabrications are incredibly versatile and can be created unique to specialist requirements.

What’s more, once your Aluminium has been fabricated, our team at L.A. Metals can advise and supply the perfect finish to improve the aesthetic look of your Aluminium section. Whether that be an anodised, powder-coated or polished finish, we have the experience to deliver a quality finished product.


Creates a durable and robust product

Aluminium Fabrication

Lightweight, making it easy to install and carry


Corrosion-resistant with multiple finishing options


Easy and cost effective to machine


Flexible and versatile to be manufactured into many shapes and sizes

Have more questions about aluminium fabrication services?

Aluminium fabrication is the process of crafting aluminium into various shapes and sizes to suit numerous applications thanks to its lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant properties.

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