Aluminium Finish Types for Your Next Project

Specialising in 6000-series aluminium, prized for its balance of durability, workability, and low weight, we’re one of the UK’s largest stockholders of aluminium profiles. This grade of aluminium lends itself well to machining and a range of aluminium finish options, and with our thoroughly equipped workshop staffed by experienced machinists and operatives, we can provide quality anodised, powder-coated and polished profiles, all cut and machined to any specification you need.

Based centrally in Birmingham, we’re able to offer a seven-day turnaround on all aluminium surface finish projects, and national next-day delivery once completed.

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Aluminium Surface Finishes We Offer

Aluminium is by nature a durable material and forms an oxide layer when it reacts with the air, so adding a finish is the cherry on the cake. Different aluminium finishes are used for different results, such as achieving a certain colour, adding wear resistance, or simply creating an aesthetically pleasing final result.


This process produces an oxide layer on the material surface which creates an attractive and durable finish. Often specified for aesthetic purposes, most customers opt for the lovely satin/silver finish, although other colours are available. LA Metals specialises in anodising grade 6063. Please see our anodising page for more details.


Polished aluminium is created by physically buffing the material to a variety of finishes. Either brushed, bright, mirror or even chemically brightened. Polishing aluminium enhances its appearance and can even increase material durability. Please see our polishing page for more details.


Powder coating gives a high-quality, durable finish in a huge array of colours. Used for protective and decorative finishes, technological advancements have resulted in excellent performance properties. Our entire range is available in a RAL colour of your choice. Please see our powder coated page for more details.


We have the latest precision equipment that allows us to work to very tight tolerances. Including automatic saws and CNC‘s. Whether you just need cut to length profiles or more complex fabrications, we have the capability to provide you with a quality product. See our fabrication page for more details.

Various Surface Finishes of Bespoke Aluminium Profiles

No matter the size, shape, or finish you require from your bespoke aluminium profiles, we’ve got you covered. With our suite of equipment and highly experienced team, we can design, extrude, machine, and finish any form of custom extrusion. Every project we undertake is done with more than three decades of experience under our belts, so you can rest assured – we know a thing or two about aluminium.

To discuss our range of aluminium finishes, as well as your bespoke profile needs, just get in touch with our friendly, expert team today.

Have More Questions About Aluminium Surface Finishes?

At LA Metals, we offer a roster of high-quality aluminium finishes, including anodising, powder coating, and polishing. Just get in touch with us to find out more.

The best aluminium finish option for your project will depend on your specific needs. Each performs a different function – for example, powder coating adds colour and wear resistance, polishing creates a clean, aesthetically pleasing look and anodising applies a weather-resistant film to the aluminium that makes it well-suited for outdoor applications.

The process for each aluminium finish option is different, but all involve adding a wear-resistant or visually pleasing final layer to the aluminium to enhance its natural durability. Anodising is achieved through an electrochemical process, powder coating involves applying a fine layer of thermoplastic powder to the metal and then baking it to set it, and polishing simply involves applying polish to the aluminium surface before buffing it to bring up a protective shine.

The most suitable aluminium surface finish for your needs will depend on your intended use, but anodising is often considered the most durable option for aluminium, as the anodised layer becomes a part of the metal itself and will last for extremely long periods of time even under heavy wear.

Aluminium forms its own protective layer upon exposure to air, but adding an extra finishing layer can enhance this greatly. Whether or not your aluminium needs finishing will depend on what you intend to use it for. The team here at LA Metals can recommend the best finish option for your project, or even whether you need finishing at all.

Aluminium as a material can accept any form of finish that we offer, but not all aluminium finish types will be suitable for all applications. The best way to determine which finish you need is to speak to the experts.