We are Experts in Creating your Custom Aluminium section

We are one of the largest independent Aluminium stock holders in the UK, with possibly the largest range of aluminium extrusions available in the decorative grade 6063. This alloy lends itself to anodising especially but is also ideal for powder coating and polishing. We have therefore built up a vast knowledge of how to stock, handle and pack finished aluminium sections.

So, if you require a finished aluminium section then you need look no further than L.A. Metals. It normally takes about 7 working days to achieve most of these finishes, but here at L.A. we even keep some on the shelf, with next-day delivery available throughout Birmingham, the West Midlands and indeed across the UK.

What’s more, with CNC, automatic saws, tapping, pillar drills and more, our fabrication team are constantly adding to our machining capability. We have over 30 years of experience delivering on time and accurate jobs to domestic, commercial and industrial clients. Whatever fabrication you need we can help you with it and because much of our fabrication is done in-house, we can often turn around jobs in no time at all.


This process produces an oxide layer on the material surface which creates an attractive and durable finish. Often specified for aesthetic purposes, most customers opt for the lovely satin/silver finish, although other colours are available. LA Metals specialise in anodising grade 6063. Please see our anodising page for more details.


Polished aluminium is done by physically buffing the material to a variety of finishes. Either brushed, bright, mirror or even chemically brightened. Polishing aluminium enhances its appearance and can even increase material durability. Please see our polishing page for more details.


Powder coating gives a high-quality, durable finish in a huge array of colours. Used for protective and decorative finishes, technological advancements have resulted in excellent performance properties. Our entire range is available in a RAL colour of your choice. Please see our powder coated page for more details.


We have the latest precision equipment that allows us to work to very tight tolerances. Including automatic saws and CNC‘s. Whether you just need cut to length profiles or more complex fabrications, we have the capability to provide you with a quality product. See our fabrication page for more details.

Bespoke Profiles

Even though we have a huge range of standard sections, we understand that sometimes something a little bit different is required. Therefore, if you need a bespoke section, our team of aluminium professionals are on hand to help you design exactly the profile that meets your requirements. We have made, stocked and delivered countless unique sections for customers across the UK.

From the roof in Heathrow to London bridge station, to some of the swankiest hotels you would ever wish to stop in, even the Big Brother house! Our customers’ unique aluminium sections have been brought to life by an L.A. metals team with unrivalled experience. And of course, we will deliver, across the Midlands and throughout the UK. Just call our team here in Smethwick for a chat.